General conditions of sales

Refund: under condition

Delivery delay: 6 months

After sales service for all technical questions about the car: 00 800 9777 7777For any other questions about delivery call to these numbers 4 months after than you place your order: 01 46 27 48 48

For any other questions call at these numbers 06 45 52 59 21 or at 09 86 14 93 25

Know that on this site payments are secure.

The withdrawal period is 4 months; beyond we only refund 65% of the sum

You have to know that when you place an order you start a process that can take ~ 6 months, especially if you ask to be refunded after 4 months cancellation period because you will have to wait for the car to be built and resold so that we can refund you the 65%.35 % is our interests, our management fees and it’s also a form of deterrence for fight and prevents all types of traffic. So when you make a transfer of this type with us, you commit your responsibility!  Delivery charges are included in the selling prices of cars so you will have nothing to pay more.

In addition, the return of the vehicle is too a capital condition for any refund if you want to be refund after the delivery. It will have to be the same car and if no fault due to its use is found and the meter does not exceed (24 Miles) or (40km) then a refund of 65% is possible.  No defect should be found by our insurance experts on the bodywork, the electronic system, the engine or the interior otherwise no refund will be possible.

The warranty of cars is 2 years.

Other hand, You have to wait at least 6 months maximum before you delivered because it‘s the time of the construction of the vehicle in factory, compared to your order. The restitution costs are our responsibility. You will have to call us and give us your civil status.

We don’t make credit and we will call you back 4 days after the transaction. We don‘t make delivery in embargoed countries, but know that we will deliver you wherever you are in the world and whoever you are.